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TPD Compliance

TPD Compliance

All of our products on our website fully comply with the TPD Regulations. This page explains more about what the TPD regulations are and what they mean if you choose vaping products.

What is TPD?

TPD — or Tobacco Products Directive 2014 — is an initiative created by the EU so that tobacco products can be regulated. This includes how these products are advertised and how they can be sold to customers. This directive was created with the incentive of increasing protection and awareness when it comes to health and tobacco products.

TPD covers all aspects of tobacco production and retail. This includes the manufacturer, where these products can be sold, how they can be sold, how they can be displayed, and how the packaging should look.  

These regulations apply to all tobacco products, whether it’s rolling tobacco, cigarettes, or cigars. It also includes vaping technology and e-liquids. What these regulations ensure is that ingredients are tested efficiently before they’re sold to consumers and also displayed properly on packaging.

TPD also applies to where tobacco products can be used and how they’re taxed.

Why Does it Apply to Vaping?

Although vaping products don’t contain the tobacco leaf, they are still classified as tobacco products. The nicotine contained within e-liquid is distilled from the tobacco plant, containing the highest concentration in any plant.

Even though synthetic forms of nicotine exist, they still fall under the TPD regulations — as does any product containing nicotine.

When Did it Come into Effect?

Established in May 2014, the TPD became official law on the 20th of May, 2016. Any stock which was non-compliant had to be sold before this date by vaping retailers. Following these regulations coming into effect, some brands that were previously available are no longer on the shelves. This also meant that the way in which e-liquid is sold has had to change.

What are the Regulations, and How Does it Affect Vaping?

These different regulations affect the capacity size of e-cigarettes and also how e-liquid is sold. From a consumer’s point of view, not much of this has changed, but for retailers and manufacturers, it has been more about how e-cigarette products could be labelled.

These regulations include:

  • E-cigarette tanks, including pod systems, can now only hold 2ml of e-liquid, maximum.
  • 10ml is now the maximum bottle size of e-liquid, which contains nicotine.
  • 20mg is the maximum strength in the UK that you can buy of nicotine e-liquid. In the US, this can go as high as 50mg.
  • All e-liquids containing nicotine must be packaged in child-resistant bottles.
  • Caffeine or taurine cannot be present in products.
  • Packaging must state clearly whether the product contains nicotine and also outline within the advertising that nicotine is an addictive substance.
  • The MHRA must receive submissions of all e-cigarettes and e-liquids for approval before they can be sold.

What We Are Doing to Be Compliant

We have always followed the guidelines put in place by TPD and are fully TPD compliant. All the tanks we sell adhere to the 2ml maximum capacity rule, and this remains the same whether you’re buying an individual tank or as part of a kit.

Our e-liquid containing nicotine is sold in a 10ml maximum capacity bottle, but if you’re looking for a larger supply, short fills are available instead. These larger bottles of e-liquid allow you to mix a concentrated 10ml bottle of nicotine in order to allow for a low-dose nicotine strength.

All of our e-liquid products have also been submitted to the MHRA, which have been passed and approved as TPD compliant.

The products listed on our website, as well as in our stores, do not contain taurine or caffeine. They are also free of diacetyl; this is an ingredient that there has been concern over in relation to popcorn lung.

The ingredients which are included in our e-liquids are always listed on the packaging, which also includes a nicotine warning.

Those new to vaping won’t be aware of these changes coming into effect, as they would already have been in place if you started vaping in the last few years or so. For those who were already vaping before 2016, you would have noticed these changes being applied.

We’re here to answer questions for any vapers, whether new or old, and you can chat anytime with our customer support team regarding TPD regulations and anything else you need assistance with.

You can speak with us via Facebook chat, our website live chat, by dropping us an email or giving us a call.