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Vape Pens

CBD Hemp & Vape Pens

Looking for the best vape pen? At Vape CBD World, we stock a wide selection of e-cigarette devices and mods for your vaping needs. With an extensive choice of top brands and powerful kits available, there is something for everyone.

What is a vape pen?


A vape pen is a device that has a power source that heats a cartridge or tank to produce vapour. These are small handheld equipment and are typically in the shape of a cylinder, which gives it the appearance of a pen. Vape pens in the UK are a relatively new concept but gained popularity quickly with a host of designs and vape liquids coming to the market.

What are the best vape pens uk?


There are many different vape pens available, and at Vape CBD World, we stock top brands so you can shop confidently every time. You can buy vapor pens with a variety of e-liquids, including CBD vape.


CBD vape kits have risen in popularity over the past few years. They offer a host of suggested benefits, including aiding sleep, mood, and memory.

I’m new to vaping, do you sell starter kits?


Yes. We have a selection of Vape Kits suitable for anyone new to vaping. These provide everything you need to enjoy the vaping experience. Some kits come with introductory e-liquids to get started.

How to choose the best vape pen


With so many designs and models available, it can be challenging to know what pen to choose. There is also the option of larger tanks or smaller Vape Pods, depending on your preferences.


If you need help choosing the best vape pen uk wide for you, check out some of the things to consider:

Design and power


Not all vape pens look the same, and some can be heavier than others. However, most designs on the market are created to be portable and pocket-sized. The power of your vape pen is also a consideration depending on how much you use it. Battery life varies in different models, so choose a device suited to your usage.



Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned vape customer, everyone wants to buy a simple pen design for ease of use. Don’t forget to check out how to refill your Vape Tanks and change the mods so you can choose the best device for you.

Vape pen accessories and consumables


Alongside our range of vape pens and Vape Mods, we stock a wide selection of accessories and consumables for your hardware. It’s a great idea to have spare Vape Batteries to hand, so because of that, we have Chargers to suit all models. There are also Vape Replacement Glasses and Coils if you need to change these on your device.


Our vape consumables inventory is extensive, and we have everything you need for the best experience. Choose from flavoured Vape Cotton and Nic Shots Salts to CBD vape, shatter, and oils.


Please note CBD products are not intended for medical uses. If you require advice, ask a medical professional before using CBD.