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Vape Nicotine Shots

Vape Nicotine Shots

Explore our range of nicotine shots designed specifically for shortfill Vape E Liquids. Also known as nic shots, this product is a compliant way to add nicotine to other nicotine-free juices.


At Vape CBD World, we stock a wide variety of vape shots in different flavours. Top choices include traditional tobacco, minty menthol, and a sweeter vapour shot.

What strength nicotine should I use?


Everybody is different, so choosing the right nic shot for you is essential to hit the sweet spot. If you’re using High Pg s and Vape Sub Ohm E Liquids in this device, a lower strength nicotine hit could be the best option as this hardware packs a punch.


There are a variety of strengths available, from 3mg to 12mg. You can also choose Nicotine Free s options or CBD vape products.

What bottle size do bottle shots and e liquid come in?


The standard bottle size our nic shots come in is 10ml. The PG/VG can differ from brand to brand, as does the strength. You typically only need one shot for 50ml shortfill bottles, but two shots may be required if you have a larger bottle. You can also find nicotine shots calculators online to help you measure the correct amount.

Can I buy refills?


We have an extensive range of Vape Refills Pods and cartridges, including popular 50 50 E Liquids and Nicotine Salt.


Please note CBD products are not intended for medical uses. If you require advice, ask a medical professional before using CBD.