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Best Vape Kits

Smok Smok Mag V8 70W Kit £26.50 GBP
Vaporesso Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit £25.20 GBP
SMOK T-Storm Kit
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Smok SMOK T-Storm Kit £40.00 GBP
Smok SMOK R-Kiss 200W Kit £49.00 GBP
Smok Rigel Kit
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Smok Smok Rigel Kit £49.00 GBP
Innokin Innokin Endura T20S Kit from £28.70 GBP
NZO NZO Vape Starter Kit £17.74 GBP
Aspire PockeX Kit
Quick View
Aspire Aspire PockeX Kit from £26.30 GBP
Unik Tech Unik Tech CE4 Starter Kit £5.90 GBP
Vaporesso Vaporesso Swag 80W Kit £21.50 GBP
Geekvape Geekvape Aegis Max Kit £70.80 GBP
Geekvape Geekvape Aegis X Kit £89.00 GBP
Geekvape Geekvape Aegis X Zeus Kit £89.40 GBP
Innokin Innokin Endura T18E Kit £28.50 GBP
Innokin Innokin EZ Watt 35W Kit from £41.00 GBP
Innokin Innokin JEM Pen Kit £19.00 GBP
Voopoo Voopoo Argus GT Kit £55.00 GBP
Voopoo Voopoo Argus Pod Kit £35.90 GBP
Voopoo Voopoo Drag Max Kit £59.90 GBP
Voopoo Voopoo V.Suit Pod Kit £30.50 GBP
Smok G Priv 3 Kit
Quick View
Smok Smok G Priv 3 Kit £91.90 GBP
VZone VZone Vowl Mtl Kit £12.00 GBP
Smok Smok Nord 2 Pod Kit £36.00 GBP
Smok Smok Nord X Pod Kit £44.90 GBP
Smok Priv N19 Kit
Quick View
Smok Smok Priv N19 Kit £31.90 GBP
Smok Scar 18 Kit
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Smok Smok Scar 18 Kit £50.00 GBP
Smok Smok Stick 80W Kit £29.90 GBP

Best Vape Kits

Vape kits are perfect for anyone looking to buy all the vaping essentials to get started. At Vape CBD World, we stock a wide selection of vape bundles, pen-style kits, and starter kits from top brands and manufacturers.


There are tons of options whether you’re looking for an MTL vape that has a cigarette design or prefer kits that produce a lot of vapour. There’s something for every budget too.

What’s included in vapour kits?


The three most common vape kits are:


  • Pod kit – small and convenient devices which are ideal for starters.
  • Pen kit – classic pen kits perfect for beginners and advanced vapers.
  • Sub-Ohm kit – designed for the more advanced vaper.


An e-cigarette starter kit has most of what you need to start vaping. These kits provide hardware such as a tank or pod, battery unit, and charger. Some models have an internal battery and come with a charger cable.


If you opt for Vaping Pods, these come in either prefilled or refillable designs. A prefilled pod kit will have everything you need, including the e-liquid within the pod.


Most vape kits uk wide do not include e-liquid, so this will need to be purchased separately. We stock a wide selection of e-liquids and CBD vape products to complement your device.

Do I need a spare battery?


If you have a device that has an internal battery, your kit will include a charging cable. These batteries cannot be removed. For devices with an external battery, you may want to keep extra batteries to hand so you never run out of juice. We stock a variety of Batteries suitable for all vape pen models as well as Vape Chargers. There are usually three size groups of batteries - 18650, 20700, and 21700. You can also choose high capacity batteries to ensure maximum use.

What’s the best vaping kit uk?


Every vaping kit has its pros and cons, and everyone is different. There are lots of things to consider when choosing the ideal equipment for you, including the budget. There are other kits such as pen kits, pod kits, and sub-ohm kits, which have varying vapour release depending on your vaping experience.

Vape mods and accessories


Vapour kits provide everything you need to get started. However, if you’re looking for extras for your device, we have an extensive range of Mods, replacement parts, and consumables for many Vape Pens models. Popular products include our Vape Coils, Replacement glasses, and Vape Tanks.

Can I use CBD oils in vape pens?


Yes. At Vape CBD World, we have a wide choice of CBD vape products suitable for all types of kits and pens. If you’re new to using CBD, starting with a low dose in your vape machine is advisable as this method is one of the fastest ways to get the active component into your system.


We also stock other consumables suitable for vape kits, including Vape Cotton and Nic Shots Salts.


Please note CBD products are not intended for medical uses. If you require advice, ask a medical professional before using CBD.