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Vape Flavours & E-Cig Juice Flavours

Vape Flavours & E-Cig Juice Flavours

Discover a world of vape flavours and stock up on your favourites. At Vape CBD World, we have one of the broadest range of e-liquids in the UK. The flavour list is extensive and includes top choices such as menthol, tobacco, and tropical assortments.


For vapers, enjoying the variety of flavours is a part of the experience, so we have everything you need in one place to try them all.

What are the best vape flavours UK?


Ok, so that’s a hard choice for anyone, including us! However, we stock tons of popular vape flavours, including traditional Tobacco Juice, to mouth-watering Dessert Juice. If you don’t know where to start, check out our flavour category and delve into the variety of options to find your sweet spot.


Some of the top options include:


Candy vape juice – if you have a sweet tooth, these vape flavours are for you. There are tons of sweet flavours including bubblegum, candy, and fruity variations; what’s more, you don’t have the worry about the calories.


Tobacco juices – former smokers may want to get the traditional hints of tobacco with less or none of the nicotine hit, so this is the ideal option.


Dessert juices – who doesn’t love the tasty treats after dinner or at the bakery! With this selection of flavours, you can enjoy a host of traditional dessert tastes at any time of the day.

Do vape juices have food-grade flavourings?


Food-grade flavourings are used in many vape juices to give you the best taste experience. Mixed with the other ingredients in the liquid, the flavour is dispersed evenly to harness the best vape flavours possible.

How do I choose the best nicotine strength?


Most vape juices are available in four different strengths. For those wanting to avoid nicotine altogether, zero mg or nicotine-free options are the best choices. The other main strengths include 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.


For new vapers, starting on the lower strength is a good option. The throat-hit experience is a little different from traditional cigarettes, so starting slow is advisable.

DIY vape juices


If you’re looking to add a flavoursome punch to your vape experience, why not choose from our selection of Vape Concentrates DIY products. These small bottles pack a huge hit of your favourite tastes, including Menthol Juice, sweets, berries, and even cider! Each product gives you the recommended mix of concentrate and vape juice to get the best flavour. Concentrates are available in single and multi-buys, so you can stock up on your favourites.

Do you stock flavoured CBD e-liquids?


Yes, we have a variety of CBD vape products with a range of flavours, including traditional earthy tones and zesty berry options. If you’re looking to create your own CBD juices, why not try an isolate vape option and add flavour concentrate to give it a tasty punch that best suits your own personal preferences.


Please note CBD products are not intended for medical uses. If you require advice, ask a medical professional before using CBD.