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Crumble, Terpenes & CBD Wax

CBD comes in many forms, including wax products. CBD wax is considered to be one of the highest concentrates of CBD, similar to those of Isolate. There are also different types of wax products, also known as Shatter and dabs.


This type of CBD product is ideal for fitting into your everyday lifestyle. It’s easy to carry in a bag and can be applied directly for instant relief.

What is CBD wax?


CBD wax is a little different to the typical perception of the wax you get in candles. It has more of an oily form and looks opaque in colour, and is slightly crystallised.

How is CBD wax made?


Wax is created using a CO2 extraction method. This process enables the end product to have the purest form of CBD possible. The extraction method is also known as a ‘tunable solvent’, making it ideal for creating a wide range of end products.

What types of CBD wax are available?


While the general term for this product is CBD wax, in most cases, it goes by other names and subcategories. These products are forms of wax and include:

CBD shatter


Shatter is slightly different in form from the regular wax products, as this has a crystallised state. It has a cloudy appearance and has a glass-like structure. CBD wax terpenes are usually added to it to give it flavour, and there are many CBD Terpenes to choose from.

CBD crumble


This product is created using the same extraction process as wax, but a pre-purged oil is used that has more moisture. This higher viscosity generally makes a softer end product that crumbles, and that’s where it gets its name from. CBD wax crumble products can be more expensive as they are highly refined.

CBD budder


This wax is created at higher temperatures and has a lighter, fluffier texture. It still carries the same potency as the other wax products.

What does CBD wax do?


Currently, the effect of CBD in any form has on the body is under review. There are suggested references that it can benefit wellbeing and lifestyle. For example, it may be effective at improving mood, sleep, and memory.

How do I use CBD wax?


Wax is generally used through vaping or dabbing. As it is highly concentrated, use micro scales to measure doses for application.

Do you stock the best CBD wax products?


At Vape CBD World, we have an extensive selection of products that provide top-quality CBD. Every product has our 100% authenticity guarantee and is third-party tested, so you can buy CBD wax uk wide confidently. We stock a wide range of CBD products, including CBD Paste and Shishas. Plus, you can stock up on CBD oils and capsules.


Please note CBD products are not intended for medical uses. If you require advice, ask a medical professional before using CBD.