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CBD Oil Concentrate Shatter

CBD Oil Concentrate Shatter

CBD shatter is similar to wax. The main difference is that shatter is a purer form of CBD Wax. It is one of the purest forms alongside Isolate. However, it has some little extras to give it flavour. 

What is CBD Shatter?


CBD concentrate shatter is a form of crystals with additional Terpenes. It has a cloudy appearance and has a glass-like structure. Unlike isolate, this product has flavour added to it and is typically administered by dabbing.


Dabbing is when you take a small piece of shatter concentrate and vaporise it. The vapour produced is then inhaled using a water pipe or CBD Shisha. This pipe cools and filters the vapour.

What is concentrate?


CBD concentrates are some of the fastest ways to get CBD into your system. They contain higher amounts of the active compound and are ingested or inhaled for direct application.

Why is CBD oil and shatter popular?


There is a growing market for CBD products in the UK. In all forms, it is a natural product that is well tolerated by most people, according to the World Health Organisation.


The variety of applications of the active ingredients fit into everyday lifestyles and include vaping, capsules, and pastes for simple and straightforward uses. There is also a wide selection of concentrations available depending on personal preference, with cbd oil shatter having some of the highest concentrations on the market.

What does CBD shatter do?


At present, the effects and full impact of shatter are under review. However, there are anecdotal references to the benefits it could have on lifestyle and wellbeing. Examples of effects suggested include sleep, mood, appetite, and memory, among many others. Due to the wide range of concentrations available, it is often advisable to start with low doses to monitor the sweet spot for you.



The most popular way application of shatter is by dabbing or vaping. To measure the required amount, use micro-weighing scales for the most accurate dosage.



Most CBD shatter products have instructions for storage. In most cases, to ensure it stays fresh, store in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight.

Do you stock the best CBD shatter in the UK?


At Vape CBD World, you can buy cbd shatter uk wide, and we have an extensive selection of top brands that offer high-quality shatter. Each product comes with our 100% authenticity guarantee and is independently lab tested so you can shop confidently every time. We stock well-known CBD brands including Euphoria, CBDLife, Purple Dabz, and Dope Goat, plus many others. You can also stock up on shatter with us.

Can I add shatter to carrier oil?


Yes. Shatter can be added to carrier oils for oral or topical application. However, for the maximum effects vaporising offers the best results. It can also be added to CBD Vape e-liquid.

Other products at Vape CBD World


We stock a host of products for all types of applications. Examples include CBD oil, paste, and edibles.


Please note CBD products are not intended for medical uses. If you require advice, ask a medical professional before using CBD.