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Hemp CBD Oil Isolate

Hemp CBD Oil Isolate


CBD isolate is one of the most concentrated and active cannabinoid products. It is typically available in a crystallized form.

What is CBD isolate powder dab used for?


In this form as an cbd isolate powder, CBD used in a number of various different ways, including dabbing. The powder is added to make other products such as CBD isolate oil, vapes, and Shishas. This compound is effective in food supplements and Pastes due to its odorless and tasteless composition.

Key characteristics of CBD isolate


  • Odorless
  • Tasteless
  • Non-psychoactive properties – under 0% THC
  • Between 95% and 99% pure isolate (depending on the product)

How CBD isolate is made


The process involves extracting the active CBD agent from the cannabis plant using a technique that involves CO2. When this compound is isolated, the refinement process produces a crystallized powder.


A cannabis plant has numerous cannabinoids and other elements such as CBD Terpenes, and these are removed to ensure a pure isolate powder is created.

What is the difference between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?


Full-spectrum CBD is an extract of the cannabis plant. However, it also contains other compounds, such as many other cannabinoids. In contrast, isolate is a pure form of CBD and only contains this compound. As full-spectrum products contain these other elements, they may have unique scents and flavors. Isolate is tasteless and odorless, which makes it ideal for adding to food and drink supplements.

Our range of isolate products


At Vape CBD World, you can buy CBD isolate oil and a selection of other top isolate products at affordable prices. We stock popular brands in the market, including LVWell, Just CBD, and Plant of Life, to bring you high-quality and certified products.


Our featured isolate products are 95-99% pure active compounds and contain 0% THC. You can shop confidently with us, and each order is delivered discreetly and securely.



Application and dosage are depending on your personal circumstances. To measure the required amount, use micro-weighing scales for the most accuracy.



Individual products will have storage advice on the label. In most cases, you should store CBD products away from direct sunlight and keep them in a cool and dry space.

Do you stock the best CBD hemp oil isolate?


At Vape CBD World, we stock a wide selection of the best products on the market. We believe our range provides a fantastic array of options depending on your CBD needs.  You can stock up on your favorites.

100% authenticity guaranteed


All our products come with our 100% authenticity guarantee, so you can be confident shopping with us. Plus, if you’re not totally happy, our money-back guarantee protects your purchase.

Other products at Vape CBD World


We have a host of products available at Vape CBD World. Popular examples include, CBD Shatter, Wax and capsules.


Please note CBD products are not intended for medical uses. If you require advice, ask a medical professional before using CBD.