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Your Safety Guide for Using a Box Mod

One of the larger options for vaping devices, box mods are one of the most popular choices for those who love to customise a more powerful device.

Beginner and advanced vapers alike can benefit from using a vape box mod, but safety is always important no matter what device you’re choosing. Because of the number of tailored settings possible for a box mod, safety is important to ensure the best experience — so let’s take a look at how to use a box mod safely.

Are Box Mods Safe?

Due to the increased amount of features and power with a box mod, there are naturally more risks, but only if used irresponsibly or incorrectly. Understanding the proper way to use a box mod means understanding how to use one in the safest possible way. With proper care, box mods can be an enjoyable vaping experience.

A standard box mod comes with a circuit board and chipset, which are there to ensure safety features are working whilst you’re vaping. For example, the circuit will cut out after 10 seconds to prevent overheating.

What About Mech Mods?

Mech mods, or unregulated mods, have a range of benefits for vapers, but they do not have the aforementioned safety features. Due to these models having no circuit board or chip set, those purchasing and using mech mods must understand ohm coils, wattage, and battery safety to ensure a safe experience.

Is There a Risk of Explosion?

There have been a number of stories relating to box mod vaping and having the devices explode, which naturally is going to be a concern for any customer. Nevertheless, box mods are no more likely to explode than other battery-powered devices.

When manufactured, regulated box mods have battery safety at the forefront of the design. The inclusion of the circuit board and chip set is precisely for this reason — to regulate temperature.

Issues can arise when considering mech mods in comparison. Because these models don’t have temperature regulation, there may be a risk of overheating. However, the risk of an explosion due to overheating is very unlikely. That’s why it’s important to be aware of using and maintaining an unregulated mech mod safely.

Safety Tips for Your Box Mod Experience

  • Don’t overcharge your batteries.It’s always important to have your vaping equipment at full battery power, but try to avoid overcharging. This can lead to overheating. To charge safely and properly, charge your box mod when you’re awake, and when you can monitor it, located in a safe position.
  • Pay attention to any errors.You may see an error message if your coil is causing a short circuit. Conduct regular maintenance, such as checking the ohm reading; if the reading is zero, this is an indication that your coil is shorted.
  • Carry your mech mod safely.To avoid accidentally pressing your mod button, carry your equipment safely and avoid tight trouser pockets or anywhere on your person that could be unsafe.

Always be sure to do your research into box mod regulations, maintenance, and the right battery for your equipment, to ensure safe usage and an enjoyable vaping experience.