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CBD Safety and Regulations Guide

CBD use in the UK has become increasingly popular (for a good reason), with a variety of products including drops, tablets, and even CBD vaping. CBD oils can be a great, natural solution to a variety of symptoms, but the use of CBD products also means ensuring a safe and regulated experience every time.

If you’re considering using CBD oil for your next vaping product, then this guide is here to outline all you need to know about CBD oil UK law and how to use CBD vaping products safely.

CBD Oil: Is it Safe to Vape?

As with any CBD product, you should always be aware of potential side effects, and you want to feel confident when choosing a CBD oil to vape. It’s always advisable to speak to your GP before trying any new product, including CBD, as this has the potential to interfere with medications you may already be taking. Your doctor will be able to advise on safe consumption.

Additionally, potential side effects can depend on the dose. The correct dose is always important with CBD products, as taking more than you should could result in an unpleasant experience, such as nausea or dizziness. Be sure to find information on the correct dose for any products, including vape oil, you’re choosing to use.

That being said, there could be many therapeutic benefits of CBD oil in vaping when taken correctly and when assured by a GP that it’s safe to do so. These benefits may include relaxation aid, relief of stress, inflammation reduction, and an improved sleep pattern.

CBD Vaping Safety Tips

Always Check the Ingredients

Not all CBD oils are suitable for vaping, so you should always double-check. The following ingredients will be safe to vape:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • CBD extract
  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes

Therefore any other ingredients present may mean it’s not safe to vape.

Choose a Dependable Supplier

Be sure to purchase CBD vaping products from those reputable companies you trust so that everything is in line with safety regulations.

Invest in a Quality Vape Kit

To make your CBD vaping experience safe, don’t cut corners with your vaping kit. Only buy a kit that is safe and effective to use.

CBD Oil in the UK: Is It Legal?

There is a certain reputation around cannabis and its products, and there may be some uncertainty around whether CBD oil is actually legal. Not only that, but you may be wondering whether CBD oil will get you high.

In the UK, it is legal to sell CBD oil and products, including vape juice, as long as it contains no nicotine, and no detectable THC (which must be less than 0.01%). It is the THC that will get you high. Therefore CBD oil will not result in that effect, as it must contain no detectable THC.

Legislations and regulations regarding this developing product can change over time, so always make sure to double-check the latest before you make a purchase or consider using CBD oil.

To conclude, CBD oil can be a safe product for consumption and vaping, as long as you check with your GP over any concerns, pay attention to ingredients and your supplier, and also stay up to date with changing regulations.